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eSUN PETG 3D Printer Filament 1kg - 2.85mm

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  • 2.85mm?
    A message to all our 3mm eSUN filament customers that might be asking where their beloved 3mm filament has gone. The reason for the change is because while a lot of machines do take 3mm filament, some machines require the slightly smaller 2.85mm filament. Since 3mm machines work just fine with 2.85mm, manufacturers are generally starting to opt for the more versatile 2.85mm filament.

    What changes will I need to make from 3mm?
    On your machine, the move from 3mm to 2.85mm only takes 15 seconds. All that is needed is one quick slicer setting change. Simply adjust your filament diameter from 3mm to 2.85mm and you will be up and printing immediately. If your slicer does not have the option to change this setting for some reason, simply adjust your extrusion multiplier by a factor of 0.95.

    Happy printing!

    eSUN PETG:
    eSUN PETG is easy to print, relatively inexpensive and produces very strong and shock resistant parts.
    Due to the strong interlayer bonding and higher flexibility, PETG is a very good option for parts that are likely to endure strain or shock (like a quad copter crash or childrens toys), while still maintaining shape. It's great mechanical properties and ease of printing make PETG the 'go to' material for everyday printing of mechanical objects where impact resistance is required or where ABS warping would be a problem.
    Quality matters. eSUN Industrial is an international leader in FDM inovative technologies and their filament is a testament to their dedication to quality and cost-effectiveness.

    Diameter Consistency:
    It's important that your filament has a very constant diameter if you want to get a great looking print. Variance in filament diameter will result in poor surface quality (primarily on vertical sections), because it produces unwarranted and uncontrollable fluctuations in extrusion rates.

    eSUN promises that their filament has a tolerance of ±0.05mm across all of their rolls that they produce, but in reality, the quality of eSUN's filament far exceeds their listed specifications.

    One independent reviewer found that the "vast majority" of the eSUN filament they tested in fact had a tolerance of ±0.015mm! Additionally, premium looking prints made with eSUN filaments (like what's found in our gallery) authenticate the claims of many that eSUN produces very consistent filament.

    You can be confident that your prints will have fantastic surface uniformity and smoothness with eSUN.

    A major part of what sparked the popularity in eSUN is the rich and vibrant colours of their filaments. One reviewer comments about eSUN's colours, "looks nice and crisp and bright". The product and gallery photo's do show the colours looking great, but you won't have your taste buds stimulated until you hold a beautifully printed part in your hands.

    Not only are eSUN's colours refined individually, but they also have one of the largest ranges available on the market.

    eSUN is renowned for it's 'bang for your buck.' You will be hard pressed to find a better filament for less than double the $/kg of eSUN.

    • 2.85mm ±0.05mm (or better)
    • Stable diameter (smooth prints)
    • Printing temperature: 230-250°C
    • Heated Bed Required: No
    • High Temperature Resistance
    • Low Shrinkage
    • More Flexible
    • Great Shock Resistance/ Impact Strength
    • *Suitable for Makerbot, Up, RepRap, Cubify and any other FDM 3D printer!
    *Some printers, like the UP Mini, may require modification in order to print at the required temperature.

    • Hotend: 240°C
    • First Layer: 250°C
    • Heated bed: 40°C (we use UHU glue for adhesion)
    • Cooling fan: 75% by layer 10
    • Min layer time: 5 seconds
    **These slicer settings are simply our recommended starting point—every printer is different so you may have to fine tune your setup.

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