eSUN 3d Printer Cleaning Filament 1.75mm

eSUN Cleaning 3D Printer Filament 5m - 1.75mm

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  • The Problem:
    Have you ever changed your filament from a dark to a light colour and found streaks 10 minutes into your next print? Or, how about finding small specks of ABS in your model after switching to PLA, or, perhaps black residue after moving from PLA back to ABS?

    I know I have had all of those problems—and, eSUN has the answer...
    What can eClean do?
    • Completely clean out previous material from the hot end after colour change
    • Transition between materials with different properties
    • Restore a dirty hot end nozzle
    Why eClean Works:
    eClean has some unique properties that make it an incredible nozzle cleaner and material transition solution:
    • Active cleaning ingredient to release stubborn particles
    • High viscosity to dislodge and push out debris
    • Large temperature range (150 - 260+°C) means it wont clog up at low temperatures and wont become too runny or degrade at high temperatures.
    How to Use:
    • Begin to heat the hot end up to the original materials printing temperature
    • Remove the filament—ideally as soon as it is warm enough to be dislodged (to avoid stringing)
    • Manually push 15cm of eClean through the hot end and then pull out any excess
    • Set hot end temperature to suit second material
    • Insert second material
    • Print!

    Following this process means that each material is only subjected to it's recommended print temperature and will eliminate PLA burning or ABS jamming from material changes... Perfect!

    From my experience it is best to manually feed it through the hot end rather than using the extruder to push it through.

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