Raise3D N2 Plus FDM 3D Printer

  • Raise3D N2 Plus:
    Take your 3d printing to the next level. The Raise3D N2 Plus is a massive beast on wheels that boasts an enormous 305x305x610mm enclosed build volume with the proven capability of printing as fine as 10 microns (0.01mm layer height). High reliability design coupled with a dependable power outage resume function means no stress while printing your biggest projects. Massive build volume, incredible accuracy and high reliability are now within reach with the desirable N2 Plus large format 3d printer.
    Check out this rave review from a fellow N2 Plus owner.

  • Why Upgrade to an N2 Plus?
  • Build Volume:
    The N2 plus' build volume is huge. Opening up new opportunities for your designs and removing the limitation of what you can download and print. Free yourself from the bounds of 200mm build plates with a healthy 305x305mm print area and a whopping 610mm high z axis.

    N2 Plus Size Comparison

    That extra 105mm in the X and Y axis go a long way. The print area is actually over 2.3 times bigger than a regular 200x200mm bed, and the print volume is 7 times the size of a 200x200x200mm printer!

    N2 Size Comparison

    Not only do you not have to split up large parts and think about how to join them, but you also can print more smaller parts at the same time. Printing all the parts for a project in one 12 hour print instead of three 5 hour prints is a much better use of your time.

    There is no doubt that the N2 Plus is the current market leader when it comes to size at an affordable price.
    With more size comes more time and with longer prints the importance of reliability is magnified. The full range of Raise3D printers are designed from the bottom up by the Raise3D team of engineers with a focus on quality, consistency and longevity. The N2 Plus is so over-engineered that the build plate can hold up to 150kg (Please don't test this on your own machine). Come to expect perfect prints time after time; let the N2 plus gain your trust.

    N2 Plus 112hr Print Gif

    Raise 3d printers don't just have great design and quality to consistently churn out prints, it also goes above and beyond with tried and true power outtage protection. All Raise 3d N series printers are equipped with a li-ion battery that is kept charged during regular use. If there is an interruption in power to the machine, the control board will use the power from the battery to save the positional data from the stepper motors and when power is restored you can resume your print.

    N2 Plus Power Outtage Resume

    There are numerous reports of happy Raise3D printer owners who had their beautiful 100+ hour prints saved by this feature. Starting a large print is a sizeable commitment and the stakes grow higher the further through the print you are. Sleep easy knowing that Raise3D's power outtage restore feature has your back in the event of a disaster.

    N2 Plus Print Eiffel Tower
    Perhaps the most impressive feature of the N2 Plus is it's breath-taking print performance. Most FDM printers best layer resolution is 0.1mm, but Raise3D goes magnitudes beyond the average desktop FDM printer. With exceptional frame rigidity and precision parts the N2 Plus can print as fine as 0.01mm layer height. See the image below.

    Raise 3d N2 PLus Accuracy

    The N2 doesn't just have a high resolution in the Z axis, it also has incredible positional accuracy and fine extrusion control which enables it to create very intricate details and very fine parts.
    Dual-Extruder (optional):
    All N series printers can be upgraded to the more popular dual extruder version. The hotends are independently controlled, so you can print with different materials in each side. Print in multi-colours, multi-materials or unlock the full potential of 3d printing with dissoluble supports.

    Raise 3d N1 Dual PVA
    Material Compatibility:
    Raise3D was built to work with multiple material types from the supplier of your choice. Both software and hardware are fully open to tweak temperatures and extrusion rates so that you are free to use the materials and brands that you love.

    N2 Plus Materials Australia

    Unlike most FDM machines that top out at around 260°C, the all metal hot end prints at up to 300°C. This opens up the Raise3D printer range to be used with a massive range of materials. Combining this hotend with a well thought out direct drive extruder has also given this printer the ability to print flexible and elastic materials like eSUN's eFlex and eLastic. See a list of the Raise3D verified compatible materials below.

    Raise 3d Compatible eSUN
    User Friendly:
    The feature rich large touch screen is intuitive and easy to navigate. You can organise and manage your print jobs, easily see a visual representation of your print progress when using ideaMaker generated Gcode (other slicing software can be used too), and you can see job statistics including printing times and temperatures displayed along with the preview.

    Raise 3d touch screen Australia

    The N2 and N2 Plus has a 13 point sturdy bed that comes precalibrated from the factory and should not ever require user calibration. The only calibration required is to find the perfect Z height by adjusting one easy access thumb screw.

    N2 Plus bed adjust
    Powerful Software:
    ideaMaker is an intuitive slicing software that allows the user to save their settings as easy to select profiles. With just five clicks to print and the ability to tweak the finest settings, it is both easy to use and yet wont cramp your style. It also boasts automatic supports that are able to be modified by the user, ideaMaker is very good at being a slicer.

    ideamaker Australia

    But, it's more than just a slicer. ideaMaker is also able to detect problems in mesh files and even has a basic mesh repair function. You are also able to divide your models into smaller parts for multi build printing and there is the ability to import/export print profiles, so you can back up your work or share it with the Raise3D community. There are also plans to have some advanced mesh editing functions in a cloud based version in the future. Raise3D is an innovative brand that I'm proud to support; get on board.

  • Printer:
    • Print technology: FDM (FFF)
    • Build Volume (WxDxH): 12x12x24 inch / 305x305x610 mm
    • Layer Resolution: 0.01-0.25 mm
    • Filament Type: PLA/ PLA+/ ABS/ PC/ PETG/ R-flex/ TPU/HIPS/ Bronze-filled/ Wood-filled
    • Printing Surface: Buildtak
    • Heated Build Platform: Yes
    • Enclosure: Yes
    • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm (0.016 in)
    • Nozzle Working Temperature: 170-300 ℃
    • Number of Nozzles: 1 (standard) / 2 (optional)
    • Printing Speed: 10 ~ 150 mm/s
    • Moving Speed: 150 ~ 300 mm/s
    • Positioning Accuracy: XY-axes: 0.0125 mm, Z-axis: 0.00125 mm

    • Slicing Software: ideaMaker (supplied free), Simplify3D
    • Supported File Types: .stl, .obj
    • Supported OS: Windows XP and later versions, Mac, Linux
    • Machine Code Type: gcode

    Printer Controller:
    • User Interface: 7 inch capacitive touch-screen
    • Screen Resolution: 1024*600
    • Motion Controller: ATmega2560
    • Logic Controller: Freescale imx6, Quad core 1Ghz ARM processor
    • Memory: 1GB
    • Onboard Flash: 8GB
    • OS: Embedded Linux
    • Ports: Sdcard*1, Usb2.0*4, Ethernet*1
    • Extendable Ports: PWM*2, I2C*1, SPI*1, UART*1, GPIO*4, 8Bit ADC*5, USB2.0*1, 5v-1A*2, 3.3v-200mA*1, Reset*1, Gnd*3
    • Network: Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n Wifi
    • Camera: Future add on planned

    • Frame: Aluminum
    • Enclosure: ABS, Acrylic and Polycarbonate
    • Machine Size (WxDxH): 24.3x23.2x43.8 inch / 616x590x1112 mm

    • Power Supply Input: Universal 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    • Power Supply Output: 600 Watts, 24 VDC

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