esun 3d printer filament PLA plus

eSUN PLA+ Pro 3D Printer Filament 1kg - 2.85mm

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  • eSUN Optimised PLA+:
    We are so excited to bring eSUN's optimised filament range to Australia. Pro PLA+ from eSUN prints better than original eSUN PLA on the same settings, is up to 10 times stronger, has much higher inter layer bonding strength and is FDA approved Food Safe. Here at Kingdom 3D Printing we have been testing eSUN's Pro PLA+ and have found it to be superior in every way to a product that was already great. We suspect eSUN will eventually cease producing regular PLA as we have found no reason to prefer it over Pro PLA+.

    • Improved Printing Properties
    • STRONG!
    • FDA Approved Food Safe
    • Beautiful Colour Range
    *Full list of specifications towards the bottom of page

    In the race to improve 3D Printing, the materials frontier is perhaps the most most exciting and most significant field. eSUN is leading the way with innovative new materials that enhance the capabilities of our beloved 3d printers.

    An independent test and review of eSUN Pro PLA+

    • 2.85mm ±0.05mm (or better)
    • Printing temperature: 190-210°C
    • Low Shrinkage (no warping)
    • Much Stronger than Regular PLA
    • Stable diameter (smooth prints)
    • FDA approved food safe
    • Non Harmful, non-toxic and environmentally friendly
    • *Suitable for Makerbot, Up, RepRap, Cubify and any other FDM 3D printer!
    *Some printers, like the UP Mini, may require modification in order to print at the required temperature.

    • Hotend: 195°C
    • First Layer: 200°C
    • Heated bed: 0-60°C (we use 40° and UHU glue for adhesion)
    • Cooling fan: on after first layers
    • Min layer time: 8 seconds
    **These slicer settings are simply our recommended starting point—every printer is different so you may have to fine tune your setup.

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