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eSUN Polycarbonate ePC 3D Printer Filament 0.5kg - 1.75mm

by eSUN
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eSUN ePc Polycarbonate Filament:
eSUN polycarbonate filament has a printed appearance similar to a translucent PETG filament. It boasts a higher thermal distortion threshold, making perfect for higher temperature applications. ePC has high malleability, meaning it will flex before it snaps. A popular material for its high impact and temperature resistance 

Quality matters. eSUN Industrial is an international leader in FDM innovative technologies and their filament is a testament to their dedication to quality.

Diameter Consistency:
It's important that your filament has a very constant diameter if you want to get a great looking print. Variance in filament diameter will result in poor surface quality (primarily on vertical sections), because it produces unwarranted and uncontrollable fluctuations in extrusion rates.

eSUN promises that their filament has a tolerance of ±0.05mm across all of their rolls that they produce, but in reality, the quality of eSUN's filament far exceeds their listed specifications.

One independent reviewer found that the "vast majority" of the eSUN filament they tested in fact had a tolerance of ±0.015mm! Additionally, premium looking prints made with eSUN filaments (like what's found in our gallery) authenticate the claims of many that eSUN produces very consistent filament.

You can be confident that your prints will have fantastic surface uniformity and smoothness with eSUN.

    • 1.75mm ±0.05mm (or better)
    • Printing temperature: 235-260°C
    • Low Shrinkage (no warping)
    • Stable diameter (smooth prints)
    *Some printers, like the UP Mini, may require modification in order to print at the required temperature.

    • Hotend: 250°C
    • First Layer: 255°C
    • Heated bed: 80-110°C
    • Cooling fan: off
    **These slicer settings are simply our recommended starting point—every printer is different so you may have to fine tune your setup.