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Kingdom 3D has amazed us with it's explosive growth over the past 6 months. We were actually starting to outrun our online system, and we had lots of big plans that just didn't seem possible with our current setup. So, naturally, we had been thinking about making an upgrade for some time

Recently, we had to move our stock to another location, so we decided to take the plunge and make the changes while the store had some uncontrollable downtime. What you see now is the result.

The upgrade allows us to integrate more systems, manage more products and is more robust. 

The platform transition also brings immediate benefits for your browsing experience. You are now able to search products, filter product lists, create an account and hopefully experience a faster and more seamless system.

Thanks for your support, we hope you enjoy watching Kingdom 3D grow.

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  • kKen Rawlins on

    Great products, even greater service but like you I am running out of ABS. How soon do you hope to be up and running?
    Regards Ken Rawlins

  • David Boyle on

    Any ETA for when most Esun colours will be re-stocked?


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