DDG Extruder for Ultimaker 2+ and 3 - Genuine Bondtech

DDG Extruder for Ultimaker 2+ and 3 - Genuine Bondtech

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  • Bondtech DDG Extruder for Ultimaker 2+ and 3:

    The ultimate grip with no more slip. Bondtech DDG extruder for Ultimaker 2+ and 3. Crank your printing speed and extend your ease of use, reliability and range of filament options. Use your original stepper motors for a fast and seamless installation that takes about 10 minutes. The DDG is fast, precise and powerful.

    • Nickel coated, hardened steel dual drive gears
    • 10 minute lightning fast installation
    • Bowden ready
    • Quick-release for filament change
    • Original stepper motor compatible
    • 2.85mm filament only (same as stock)

    Transform your printers extruding reliability and ability in one simple step. Experience the ease of Bondtech dual-drive extrusion today.

    Compatible 3D printers:

    • Ultimaker 2+
    • Ultimaker 2+ Extended
    • Ultimaker 3
    • Ultimaker 3 Extended

    *If your printer is one of the above with one extruder, choose the Ultimaker 2+ option. If it has two extruders, pick the Ultimaker 3 option.

    Hardened Steel Drive Gears

    Like all other Bondtech Extruders, the DDG features Nickel Coated hardened Steel Drive Gears to feed standard and abrasive materials with confidence and without wear.

    Recycling the stepper motors

    The original stepper motor of the printer will be reused and the extruder will be mounted at the same position and in the same mounting holes as the factory extruder making the installation easy and fast in about 10 minutes.

    2.85mm filament only

    This upgrade kit is compatible with 2.85mm filament only.
    E-steps needs to be updated to 311.

    Software Updater available

    Firmware with adjusted E-step is available for Ultimaker2+, Ultimaker2+ Extended or you can send a M-code to the printer directly to set the e-steps (more info here) under the section E-steps.

    For Ultimaker 3 there is no firmware available, settings need to be adjusted in the current configuration, check the installation guide that you will find under the tab “Installation guide”

    In cooperation with the COmmunity

    This extruder is developed together with C.Matthes in Germany



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